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                  Technical Products

                  Dinotefuran TC

                  This product was developed as neonicotinoid insecticide by Mitsui. It has properties of contact, stomach, strong root systemic activity, good quick result, long persistence and broad spectrum etc. It has good controlling effect on sucking mouthparts pests.

                  Application crops:
                  Wheat, Rice, Cotton, Vegetables, Fruit trees and Tobacco etc.

                  Controlling spectrum:
                  It is mainly used to control aphid, leafhopper, plant hopper, thrip, whitefly on wheat, rice, cotton, vegetables, fruit trees, tobacco etc. It also has good effect on pests from Coleoptera, Diptera, Lepidoptera and public health pests such as cockroach, termite and housefly.


                  Dinotefuran TC

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