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                  Technical Products

                  Diflubenzuron TC

                  The product is a halogenated benzoylphenyl urea, an effective stomach and contact
                  insecticide acting by inhibition of chitin synthesis and so interfering with the formation of the cuticle. It has effective activity to resistant insects. Its has an forty days effect duration witch is very advantaged to control the thirty to forty days life cycle insects. The product also has ovicidal activity.

                  Application Crops:
                  Forest trees, Fruit trees, Vegetables, Cotton, Cereal crops, etc.

                  Controlling spectrum:
                  The product is highly efficacious against Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, Diptera insects. It has special controlling activity to Lepidoptera insects. Target pests include Plum Fruit Moth, Pine Lappet, Walkers, The Lackey, Borers, Snout Beetles, etc.

                  Diflubenzuron TC

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